Caribou Already Applies new EU Regulations on Illegal Content Depicting Children

Caribou sets an age limit of 18 years for visitors or residents. We apply this in an intelligent and compassionate way. If you are insecure about the age of your avatar, we discuss it, and seek a good solution. For us, this is not about size only, but much more the overall impression.

We want to help all avatars who look for a place where they can live their needs and fantasies in an exciting and welcoming environment. We are a huge and advanced adult playground. Here you find all from BDSM+ to soft love. We have no special hidden places or groups. All are welcome here.

Because we require that all avatars be 18 or over, we can make sure that all who comply with our rules and guidelines are safe.

We feel for those abused. We are against the abusers. Grooming is among the worst forms of abuse in OS and other worlds. Experienced adult avatars may collect young girl and boy and other avatars who then can end up in sexual play with others. There can even be prostitution, sex for money.

What first feels exciting can become a huge problem. To leave this kind of a life is as difficult as it can be in real life. It can mean losing both family and friends here. In Caribou you can always talk with us if you need to, and we will help you as much as we can.

We do not offer professional help, that is for real life.

In Caribou, we may react to what happens in the public space, if we see or hear that it would be necessary. And we have confidence that visitors and residents respect our few rules. We do not follow what happens in private homes unless we find out that there are illegal activities. We do respect everyones privacy.

We accept that some adults will wish to relive their younger days together. For example, two consenting adults role playing as teens in private is not really our concern, neither are we concerned over other safe and healthy love games that may enhance their own understanding of each other and build a relationship.

But please be aware that sex with underage avatars is always forbidden, this we cannot change.

Please note that we are only referring to Caribou that we operate and is our responsibility. What happens in or concerns other worlds, real or virtual, is for those platforms and individuals to decide. We have no say or administrative powers in realms beyond our own.

The real world is troubled. Wars and conflicts affect both adults and children. Homes are lost and families are broken. Children lose their parents. Many seek refuge in foreign lands.

The poorest families around the world suffer from soaring food prices. In desperation some even sell their children.

There are children who end up abused and worse. Slavery, trafficking and prostitution is more common today than we believe. Social media is widely used to draw children and teens into criminal abuse activities. This has caused western governments to intensify their action against sexual activities involving children.

New is that the legislation reaches out also to acts by adults that depict children. Our world in the Metaverse with grids, regions, sims and parcels is part of this involvement.

“Having entered into force in November 2022, the European Digital Services Act recognizes the importance of protecting children online and sets obligations for online platforms and online search engines. Thus, prompt removal of online illegal content depicting children, including sexual material shared non-consensually, is mandatory.”

(The European Council – European Union – in November 2022)

From February 2024, European and national authorities will control the legality of Internet contents. This affects our activities in Open Sims and other parts of the Metaverse. Second Life and other large service providers are already acting to remove illegal content.

Individual avatars need to be aware that they could even risk losing their access to these worlds if found to have seriously violated or violate these regulations.

We will not involve ourselves in anything that happens outside our own grid, Caribougrid, but want to share this information. These are necessary measures.

Caribou is well prepared to offer the most unregulated but also safe exciting 18+ adult environment of the OS world when the new strict legal regulations are enforced both in major grids and private URLs.  Our 64 Sims are emerging as the largest free and open adult playground ever seen in these worlds.

Caribou, today, has always complied with legal requirements. We will respect and apply all obligations set for Open Sim grids. We apply also our own ethical and moral guidelines.

Directive 2011/93/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 December 2011 on combating the sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children and child pornography, and replacing Council Framework Decision 2004/68/JHA – EU monitor

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