Terms of Service


You must be 18 years or older to create a user account with Caribou grid.

Caribou Grid will send you an e-mail to the address that you entered when creating your user account. Your account will be activated only when you have responded as requested in this e-mail.

You must use a valid e-mail account. We will keep the account on file. You will be asked to inform us if the validity of the account ends. If at any time you are not registered with a valid account your account may be closed by Caribou grid.

You are allowed to create a limited number of user accounts using the same e-mail address. Caribou grid reserves the right to set and limit the maximum number of such user accounts. When you have created an account you agree that information provided can be looked at to ensure that it corresponds to this TOS and does not endanger its application in Caribou grid.

Caribou grid may request any clarification from you by e-mail and reserves the right not to approve your account or terminate it at any time if Caribou grid does not accept your clarification. Caribou grid has no obligation to define the reasons for a denial or termination.

Caribou grid is located in Spain which is its legal jurisdiction. Spanish and European union legislation applies. The grid and its regions may be managed from locations in other European Union countries.

Caribou grid owner is Sn Kevin Croft, CDI, Calle Escuela 4 Jarafuel, 46623 Valencia, Spain.

Caribou grid owner authorised representatives, and Caribou region owners, are Jeanne Lefavre and Angelic Ronin. Both have a long history in both Second Life and OS. If you need to contact us you can do it inworlds or by sending an e-mail to jeanne.lefavre@gmail.com or angelicronin@gmail.com.

Caribou grid has the right to require you through e-mail to change your Avatar name before activating your user account. Caribou grid may inform you about the reason for this demand but has no obligation to do so. If you refuse this request, your account will not be activated.

(The reason for not approving an Avatar name may be that it is too close to an existing user name in Caribou grid or in any other grid and can thus cause confusion about the person behind the user. Also other misunderstandings are possible. You can also not create or apply an Avatar name which Caribou grid considers to be against the intentions of this TOS or in violation of the values of Caribou grid.)

Christina at Caribou Surfers Beach.
Christina looking out over our tropical world. Surfers Beach is one of the beautiful Caribou regions. You will find homes, second homes, hideaways and adult play. Like all Caribou regions it is open for all, with no special VIP or other groups. Please respect our Terms of Service though.


(The Caribou region is an adult area. It is also an adult playground which offers a nice and activating environment to users or avatars. Keeping the entire region Adult rated and applying the 18+ rule allows us to grant very broad freedoms to residents and visitors who respect our principles.  Our adult play areas can be thus be advanced, and open for all to use who respect our age limit. These Avatars can feel safe here also when they ‘play’ in the public area. 

Child avatars are not allowed to enter or stay in Caribou as this is an Adult rated and open region. An avatar who gives the impression through body and face as a well as general behaviors of being clearly younger than 18 years old will be asked by Caribou owners of their staff to make necessary changes in the Avatar. Caribou owners and staff have the right to remove the avatar from the region and the Caribou grid if the demand is not met.

(Caribou owners may design parts of the region as moderate, on an experimental basis. These regions will contain very limited animations. Owners will monitor how this works and decide whether these settings are made permanent.)

Caribou grid has zero tolerance for activities that can depict child grooming, prostitution, violence and bdsm involving child AVs or other activities where children are bodily or mentally harmed. Any attempt by anyone to control young adult Avatars in any way is forbidden. All such activities may result in banning users – particularly those who violate child Avs – from Caribou grid.  Toddler age Avatars should be playing and not involved in sex. 

Please note that this applies both to public, private and group protected areas.  

To protect mainly young adult 18+ AVs, Caribou grid reserves part of the Caribou region for access by “cg Caribou Vip Protected” group members only. The Caribou grid TOS apply. Membership is by invitation and can be granted by Cariboy grid owners at request.  (Not activated yet)

(Our responsibility is managing Caribou.  The first responsibility to apply these principles is with residents and visitors themselves.  Caribou owners can intervene if they consider that there is a reason to do this.

What Avatars wish to do outside and unrelated to the Caribou region or grid is their own decision and that of their home or host regions or grids.)  


Behavior in any manner which is offensively coarse, intimidating or threatening, constitutes unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors, is racist or xenophobic, attacks or demeans on basis of sexual identity, or is otherwise likely to cause annoyance is forbidden.

Any inhuman and disgusting behavior is strictly forbidden.

Violence and threat of violence, be it physical or not, is strictly forbidden in Caribou grid.

Pushing, attacking, the use of any weapons against any other user or Avatar, or any similar action is accepted only in designated role play areas, the use of which have to be authorized by Caribou owners or staff. Excessive behavior can be forbidden also in role play.

Users themselves are expected to understand what constitutes Inhuman and disgusting behavior. If necessary, Caribou Grid owners and staff will intervene to end such behavior.


Caribou grid is much more than a virtual reality. We are all real people and at best our Avatars express our personalities as human beings, with all our strengths and shortcomings and feelings. Respect this, be human and considerate, and you yourself will be loved. Remember also that there may be many who can do things only in these worlds when others may be able to do them in their real lives also.

Caribou grid is an open community where all are given an equal opportunity to participate. We don’t accept social exclusion or discrimination and there will be no groups established for this purpose. Everything that is allowed by us in the Caribou grid public areas is legal and in accordance with these TOS to our best knowledge.

Caribou owners can design specific regions or SIMs where more restrictions are applied than those in the TOS. The additional restrictions must be respected as parts of these TOS.

If forbidden or otherwise unwanted behavior is seen by or reported to owners or staff of Caribou Grid it will be investigated by Caribou owners. If this is found to be true, swift action can be taken even without notice.

Caribou owners have the right to enter any property in the Caribou regions and modify or remove any objects using their administrators rights. 

Caribou owners have no obligation to explain why any of this action is taken but will make an effort to do so.

(This is of course only for extreme cases which would probably and hopefully never happen. We would always first contact those who would be affected and seek solutions through discussion and agreement.) 

These rules apply to anyone, everyone, local resident, and hyper grid visitors.

Caribou owners have the right to restrict access or terminate access to Caribou Grid.

Please read also our separate article on our approach to community standards which you find on this website.

(This will be published soon)

Warnings issued by Caribou owners or authorized staff for breach of guidelines, rules or terms outlined in this document are final. If you wish to appeal, direct your request, via email, to Caribou owners

PRIVACY (also see our GDPR Privacy Page)

Caribou Grid only processes data relevant to the operation of its service and does not share this data with any third-party unless required by law or requested by law enforcement.

With registration a user’s e-mail and IP address are logged for security reasons. When registering you agree that Caribou Grid logs this data for future reference.

Users may be contacted via their e-mail address regarding their accounts, potential offers, verification or security reasons.

Users are required to commit themselves to these TOS. Caribou owners and staff are not here to follow or control the behavior of users or other avatars present in Caribou grid. The responsibility is left to the users themselves.

If Caribou owners or staff see something that merits it, they will react of course. Caribou owners can monitor sim statistics and contact
users if they consider it necessary. If they respect the principles of these TOS, residents and other users are free to do what they wish in their own homes and inside in Caribou buildings. If there could be a case of illegal activities, Caribou grid and Caribou owners have a right to intervene also there and take any necessary action.

Users who possess homes or second homes in Caribou grid can install security perimeters if agreed in advance with Caribou owners. At their request, Caribou owners can take action to end any violations of privacy by any users or visitors. Please note that Caribou owners can and have the right to override or change any security arrangements.


Caribou residents, users or visitors are not allowed to engage in commercial activities in any Caribou grid regions without the avdvance permission of Caribou owners.

Casinos and Gambling of any kind are prohibited

By design Caribou Grid cannot guarantee the integrity or security of content within the Service. Users are solely responsible for abiding to third-party content licenses and agreements.

Caribou owners do not exercise editorial control over the content of Caribou Grid and will make no specific efforts to review the textures, objects, sounds or other content created within the Grid. If Caribou owners receive a complaint from legal owners of content they will investigate it and when necvessary remove it from Caribou grid.


Caribou grid legal owner:  Sn Kevin Croft, CDI, Calle Escuela 4 Jarafuel 46623 Valencia.

If you need to call the legal grid owner, please  ask Angelic Ronin or Jeanne Lefavre for the telephone number in Valencia, which is on record. 

During the temporary absence of Mr Croft, Jeanne Lefavre is the legal owner. She can be reached directly inworlds and by e-mail. Her rl contact information is on  file.