Getting started in the new Caribou grid – updated on 26 July 2023

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Caribou today is a mix from many periods of our Open Sim life.

Old Caribou is a copy of our Kitely region. Much was held by the grid management when we moved to Zetaworlds. Mainly, they wanted to protect their market. Only items set as exportable could be moved to Zw with the OAR archive files that we made.

Now I am renovating Old Caribou. I try to keep as much of the old as I can. Some neighbourhoods need to be repaired. Some of the buildings that we lost could be bought again as exportable. Some had to be replaced by new ones.

There are many parts of Old Caribou which were copied to newer Sims in earlier moves. These I am now building up again. This means less repetition across the regions.

The newer Caribou regions were transferred from ZetaWorlds as OAR files when we moved to OSgrid.

Jeanne during her happy Zetaworlds times.
Jeanne during her happy Zetaworlds times.

In Zetaworlds we had worked hard on creating the new Caribou. Our friend Sasha did a great work in many of the sims. We took almost all of this with us to OSgrid. Now I have been updating and repairing much of these regions. Many scripts have been changed as they did not always work in the new region.

When we created our own Caribou grid it was easier. We stayed on the same Masala servers. This meant that the move was less complicated than whehn servers had to be changed.

Now Caribou starts to be what we wanted. An adult playground with homes, second homes and hideaways for all. Here all can come who respect our Terms of Service, whatever their home grid is.

We don’t want to get Avatars to move here and leave their home grids. We respect everybody’s choice and want to be a place to enjoy alone or in company. This works well across the OS community.

I am happy that we were able to publish the contact information of our legal grid owner in the TOS of this website.

You can teleport to Caribou from any other grid and from Caribou to any OS grid that is open for all. PLease tell us about any complications.

You get to Caribou by posting this address on your world map:

When here you can freely make other landmarks to any of our 64 sims.

Another way to find Caribou and many of our 16 regions  is to search for Caribou or Jeanne Lefavre on the Opensimworlds webpage and get the URL from there.

As Caribou is a very large region we want to keep it open and easily accessible. We pay much attention to the environment . Our intention is that everyone finds pleasant and interesting places to enjoy and also play. We are now coming there, step by step. A good teleport network makes it easy to move between and within our many islands.

In August we will launch the new Caribou and events on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, always at 12 PM SL time. Maybe even more days later.

Feel free to friend my new caribougrid AV.  I would love it, keeping up my old friendships and forming new.

Jeanne Lefavre

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